What Makes Owls Unique?

Though owls are raptors, they have some interesting features that set them apart from other raptors. First of all, you are far more likely to see a hawk or a falcon than you are an owl. This is because owls are usually nocturnal (meaning they hunt at night), while other raptors are diurnal (meaning they hunt during the day.) Owls may seem “fluffier” than other raptors. This is because owls have special feathers that make their flight virtually silent. Owls also appear more bulky and less streamlined than most raptors. This is because they are built for short and strong bursts of flight; rather than the soaring flight of hawks or eagles. This bulky build also helps owls carry larger prey than many other raptors. Hawks can carry prey that weighs about half their weight. But owls can carry prey that weighs as much as two to three times their body weight!